Brogan Johnson


Brogan Johnson grew up in rural Utah in the town of Salina. Brogan attended Utah Valley University where he tutored at the math lab and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Actuarial Science. Tutoring helped push him in the direction of education as Brogan realized how much he liked helping people learn and understand math. He got his first teaching job at a junior high in South Jordan and taught 7th-9th grade math over the span of 5 years. Though he loved his time teaching middle school, Brogan decided it was time to move into high school which is what has brought him to Salt Lake Academy. 

Along with teaching math, Brogan also coaches the girls' volleyball team at SLA. He has always loved volleyball and is excited to continue working with both the girls' and boys' programs here at SLA. 

Outside of school Brogan likes to travel, play both indoor and sand volleyball, listen to music, go boating, hiking, and enjoy the warm weather outdoors.  

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